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The John Story Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences Home and School Association strives to support and advocate for our children by partnering with staff, families, and the wider community to create a safe and healthy learning environment where students can excel and feel confident in themselves.

This mission statement was established in 2017 for the John Story Jenks Academy for the Arts and Sciences Home & School Association 

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Our Mission

J.S. Jenks Executive Board

Roberta Frempong

Hi, I am Roberta

  • I am wife and mother for two daughters, with one of them being an incoming out of catchment Kindergartener for 2019-2020.

  • I am an alumni of the Philadelphia Pubic School District and believe strongly in the success of the school from strong community and family involvement.

  • I enjoy new experiences and have been deemed the guru of finding cool free events and programs in Philadelphia.

  • I, with my family, value the work of promoting stronger communities, families and systems through educating and acting as a liaison for resource to ensure positive opportunities.

Angie Williamson
 Vice President

Hi I'm Angie,

  • I have one child, a 1st grader at JS Jenks. 

  • I'm excited to work with the board, families, teachers and staff to build a stronger public school community 

  • My family had a positive first year at Jenks and I want to help ensure all students & families have a great experience where they can thrive! 

  • Professionally, I am the Director of Jumpstart Germantown - which focuses on revitalization through training and providing financial resources to local aspiring developers. 

Allynn Lewis

Hi I'm Allynn,

• Libra September 29th

• Mother of a Jenks 3rd grader

• Biggest foodie of all time 


Fun fact: I was born with an extra finger on each hand

2018-09-10 (5).png
Jael Delva


Our 2019/2020 HSA members

Lil Carroll

Nubia Diaz-Martin

Tameka Bowman

Tracy Joslyn

Teneya Manigault

Sakerha Goodwyn

Demond Gladden

Michelle Noonan

Santina Ball

Shai Ben-Yaacov

Nicole Smith

Uche Enigwe

Keana Johnson

Nikia Peterson

Michelle Pigford

Rhonda Marshall-Shaw

Tawanina & Eugene Frasier

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